Overwhelmed by transfer bugs, 80ish of my lenshubs severely affected

  1. Kylyssa profile image96
    Kylyssaposted 3 years ago

    I love the transfer to HubPages.  I'd been thinking of moving my lenses for a long time but I'd been held back by golden backlinks in the hundreds of thousands on some lenses and by being a cautious high-functioning autistic person.  My lenshubs have gotten fifty percent more traffic as hubs.  These things are great.

    But...  Seventy of my lenses have been turned into walls of text and a handful of my tutorials, including my money rose tutorial that gets thousands of views per week, have missing photos and content and seem shifted out of order.  The money rose lenshub has around 200,000 pins on Pinterest alone and viewers of it now see something that looks like a tease as it doesn't deliver instructions for making money roses anymore. 

    If there were only one or two damaged hubs or even just twenty, I'd likely just try to fix them manually but this is overwhelming.  I sent a list of all seventy "wall of text" hubs and an email about the money rose lenshub.  I haven't gone through checking all my other tutorials for mangling but as I was hunting for the "wall of text" bug lenses, a few looked "off" at a glance. 

    After I settle down a little, I'll go through and find the rest of the mangled tutorials and send an email with those in it.

    Ugh.  Somebody please tell me HubPages will look into these issues and fix them so I don't run away screaming.

  2. kerbev profile image66
    kerbevposted 3 years ago


    I am finding a lot of my content and photos missing too.

    I haven't run into the wall of text issue.

    I have found that a lot of what is missing was in the description section of a featured lens module.  I used to write in the top of that module as if it were a text module and put lots of content there, but they didn't get carried over so it's all gone.  Maybe you had that on some of yours.  I remember a lot of your lenses were related by topic.  Is it possible you used the featured lens module to connect them and wrote in the section above it?

    I hope it works out for you.