What did you do to pull in more money from Amazon and Ebay ads?

  1. jemuelO profile image84
    jemuelOposted 3 years ago

    So I've been with hubpages for more than a year now. I have published few hubs and I'm trying to be active writing hubs once again. I am now considering to improve my hubs and to maximize the possibility of earning high from Amazon and Ebay. Do you have something to share as to how you maximized your hub for these ads? Thank you.

  2. Rochelle Frank profile image88
    Rochelle Frankposted 2 years ago

    On a hub that does pretty well for Amazon earnings, I had a lot of comments from readers that included several suggestions for solving a problem. I did a follow-up hub that categorized and summarized the suggestions and added ads similar to the ones in the first hub. Now both are bringing Amazon revenue.
    So I would say, if you have hubs that are earning, you might want to do another on a similar subject.