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Can't Publish Hub

  1. WriterJanis2 profile image76
    WriterJanis2posted 3 years ago

    I have a former Squidoo lens I just edited to fit Hub Pages. I'm trying to publish it and I get a warning:

    Please review the automatically generated warning below, and correct the problem if possible. These warnings are only visible to you, the author. Please click on the warning to learn more.
    CONTENT WARNING: This Hub appears to be about dubious media products
    It appears this Hub may be about dubious media products. Hubs that promote software or devices that would commonly be used to violate intellectual property laws are prohibited by our terms of use, any may be unpublished as a result. This is an automated warning; if you've received this warning in error, please disregard it. Keep writing great Hubs!

    I don't have anything like this on my hub. It won't let me disregard this like it says in the warning. It won't let me publish it. I believe the problem is with an ad I have on it. It instructs you to download their free product. It's called from DOC to PDF.

    I have no way of removing the ad. What do I do?

    Thanks for any advice.

    1. Matthew Meyer profile image74
      Matthew Meyerposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Please share the Hub title and/or URL via an email to team at hubpages dot com.

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