Real Problem with Image Feature, Bounce Rate Losing Quality Traffic

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    HomeArtistposted 3 years ago

    There's a **real** problem with the photo feature. The image live button is perplexing to those visitors not familiar with the site. The photos are garish at full view and they're misleading in that visitors think by clicking the photo's link they'll be taken to wherever it is they can learn more about the subject/item/product.

    I've never encountered a site wherein one clicks the image and be taken to a repeat of all the photos on the page. Why is this necessary? Can one turn that photo bucket thing off and can a smaller image be created and centered?

    I truly believe it's this photo issue that turns visitors off; my bounce rate is through the roof for tried-and-true transferred articles. Honestly, visitors don't have time--nor want to take time-- to figure out a site's workings, and the photo album thing is an uber mind-blower, so they leave; hence my ultra-high bounce rate and viewers' visit time.

    I remember visiting HP early last year. I LOVED its professional look but I couldn't understand why everyone was 'repeating their images' in such a way with the repetition; I thought it was an SEO tactic or the Hubber made an error.  It's this confusion that drives people away--and quickly. When one clicks ON an image with a live link, they expect something entirely different as I mentioned and I can't deliver the expected.

    I signed up way back and created one hub to see how it all worked. Anyway . . .

    Fast forward and I hope I can find a better way around this conundrum with my transferred account.  want to conform and get it right, not argue and criticise.

    I'm not asking folks look over my account; I know how to post images, etc. I just want to turn OFF the image carousel thing or center a smaller image if it's possible.

    If there's something I'm doing wrong with the images or if there is constructive (i.e. NON-rude nor sarcastic) criticism on how one posts photos (centered without the huge size), please let me know. I would graciously appreciate your time and effort.

    Thanks so much smile