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    Deborah Sextonposted 3 years ago

    There have been questions about links and scores, so I thought I would post this. It’s an outline to gives you an idea of how it works

    Let me explain a little bit about links and other trivia to you

    First, a hub is the whole area devoted to an article, the images, links, and etc.
    In other words, your article is part of your hub, but it isn’t your hub itself

    There are different types of links in different areas of a hub, and there is also more than one thing to take into account. Until you understand all of this, there’s no way to understand if, and how, links affect you

    “Types of Links”
    Those inside the article (body) (Not just in the Hub, but also in the article)
    Those Outside the Article, in the Hub, but not in the article
    Those pointing elsewhere ON Hubpages
    Those pointing elsewhere, outside Hubpages

    So with this information you have to break it down even further.
    If the link is inside the article itself, and isn’t relevant to the subject of your hub, it could and most likely will affect your rating. If the links are relevant, it will probably help your rating, as long as they don’t somehow distract the reader. i.e. Too many relevant links

    But now you have to take a look at the three “Rating” categories
    Which Are:
    Organization score
    Substance score
    Grammar score
    Mechanics score

    Some can fall under more than one rating category

    What’s affecting the score ?

    i.e. If an article is missing subtitles, the organizational score would be lower

    These are just some tidbits

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      Deborah Sextonposted 3 years ago

      I hope this will help someone with any questions they might have

      I also wrote a thread about what I learned in the past from Hubpages,
      on getting hubs featured