Google Loves Me Yahoo Hates Me

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  1. BG Guest profile image54
    BG Guestposted 9 years ago

    Hi every one
    Some people love hats "google" some people love shoes "yahoo" but I dont mind wearing a shopping bag if it fits, I just need to point out the differences 
    After reading many of a HP members hubs I got to thinking about how I am doing on search engines and I have a list of keywords that I work from when working on my 3 month old not so cool website, blogs and hubs, and I have found that when searching for the many keywords, single words will never work for me but double and triple words strung together on Google search engine and google loves me I can be found many times in the first 30 results of each word strings "or is that long tail" anyway my 47 different double/triple words work wonderfully and pleasure me like a child on Christmas day getting a hoop and stick to run down the street with,

    But on the other hand I just did my very first ever Yahoo search which i never use for no particular reason and I found that I am a needle in the haystack no I am less than that I'm in the cosmos flouting with some unknown stars in a far away galaxy which not even Captain Kirk has discovered yet, But in saying that with Yahoo only my HP hubs were found a many times within result pages 1 and 2,  I'm set to a standard 10 results per page

    I was wondering if that when i was being told about how to work will google searches from a friend last year over a few coffees it was drilled into me "keywords google google google" along with healthy titles and sentence starters at the top of a webpage which has worked with out hubs, but now with hubs an added extra is super cool YAY!!! 

    Why would Yahoo hate me so ! what did I ever do to Yahoo? joking aside does Yahoo work on a different principle?
    I better get over to MSN and see what is going on with them   

    BG Guest
    So I have just come back from MSN and searched like a blood hound on the hunt for Bill Gates and I did not even get a sniff in any where on any page

  2. profile image0
    J Mockridgeposted 9 years ago

    Search engines use a different algorithm when extracting data in accordance to a keyword search. Google appears to pick up articles under my own name, but, as with you, Yahoo tends to rank my work lower.

    Try using a meta search, such as Dogpile. This will extract from several search engines, leading to some suprising results.

  3. BG Guest profile image54
    BG Guestposted 9 years ago

    Hi J

    dogpile is very interesting i just went and found it, it was like it wanted to hold my hand and talks about a kiss, unlike the full on Google big fella, but what I did notice was that the results were kept to 3 page result with 20 on each page in stead of the 100,000 and millions the big fella produces, why is that then

  4. profile image0
    J Mockridgeposted 9 years ago

    The meta engine usually only takes the top ranked results from the leading search engines. Dogpile acts like a 'middleman' extracting from the databases of Google, Yahoo, etc and presenting the info to the user. Clusty, Kartoo and Mamma are other meta search engines, and will again display different ranked results.

    Try Kartoo, as it uses visual aids in the results.

  5. BG Guest profile image54
    BG Guestposted 9 years ago

    Kratoo was nice to have a look around it was fun and would seem they get visitors by word of mouth but interesting all the same, but the big hitter gogle, yahoo and msn are some of the seo to be to be with,
    If I remember crretly I did submit my url to msn and yahoo and i read that submitting not mean that I would get listed but there must be a way to get to the top of my hates me  list

  6. profile image0
    J Mockridgeposted 9 years ago

    I have never submitted my URL to any search engine, but any credits are purely through what the search engines have crawled. I mainly check on Google (some would say this is vain, but curiosity got the better of me) and . I have a few high ranks in the first couple of pages, using my full name which is registered on other writing sites. Yahoo has never been that kind to me, ans as for MSN, apparently I do not exist.

    1. BG Guest profile image54
      BG Guestposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      lol I know I exist because I touch myself and I am here in the flesh but how wierd not funny wierd but wierd wierd is it that one loves you and the others think your not so important

  7. profile image0
    J Mockridgeposted 9 years ago

    Story of my life (lol) Actually, I just checked Yahoo. They must have had a rethink - I am the top five under my full  name - guess its better to have a less common surname, but if you type in my hub page name the search engines (all of them) will quote several pages of Cyril J Mockridge (the famous composer).


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