New developments - Google and Mobile Usability

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    makingamarkposted 3 years ago

    I'm currently sat writing a blog post about Google and Mobile Usability and thought I'd highlight what has happened in this Forum as well.

    Google is on a major drive to improve Mobile Usability - because traffic has tipped over to mobile. You may be aware that, according to Quantcast, HubPages now gets more traffic from mobile devices than desktop.

    Very recently emails have been sent out to webmasters with sites which need to improve on this dimension. See commentary here from:
    * Search Engine Roundtable - "Google Sending Mass Scale Warnings To Non-Mobile Friendly Web Sites" … 19732.html
    * Search Engine Land - "Google Sending Mobile Usability Warnings To Huge Number Of Webmasters" … ers-213113

    Plus here's Google's new page on Web Fundamentals: Best practices for modern web development

    In my view, I think it highly unlikely to that Google will just have sent out letters. I think it very likely that Google may have also adjusted the search algorithm too with respect to whether or not a site is mobile friendly or not - and I guess within that there may well be scaling in relation to gradations of mobile friendly.

    What this means for HubPages is anyone's guess right now. The site is certainly accessible via mobile devices - whether it meets Google's standards for mobile usability only the tech team will know - and/or our traffic might reflect in due course.

    I'm pretty certain Google will be taking a very clear view on the size and placement of advertisements - as it already does via AdSense. This is their new guidance on monetisation … etization/ and … t-the-most