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How do writers sell things online via Amazon/Ebay/etc?

  1. RanaKm profile image46
    RanaKmposted 3 years ago

    I really find it hard!
    I just wanted this to work with me for at least once so I can feel like it's possible for me, but geezz it never happens! I guess I'm doing it all wrong...
    Do you guys have some tips?
    What should a writer do?

    1. wilderness profile image97
      wildernessposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      In your hub on 43 foods to reduce skin wrinkles, you have 3 amazon products.  Two of them are for skin creams, which has nothing to do with super foods.  People wishing to learn about natural foods to reduce wrinkles are unlikely to come to your hub to buy skin cream.

      The third is for honey; one of the foods you talk about.  Now take that section and expand it to a full hub all by itself.  Lots and lots of information about honey, convincing the reader that they just have to have to reduce their wrinkles (or be sweet or whatever).  Now put your ad in, right next to where you're saying how great "pure" honey is compared to other types.  (You did a good job placing the ad here, although I prefer to put them to the side rather than under).

      The very topic of your hub, then, should be about that product.  Your's isn't; it's about skin wrinkles and 43 other things to help them.  OR, the topic could be anything but this particular product is either hard to find or unusual AND will make the topic much easier, better, whatever.  Maybe a special tool or ingredient used in making a recipe.  Again, convincing the reader they just have to have it.

      For example, I advertise a specific volt meter, that most people don't even know exists, on my hubs on electrical repair.  I'll mention the necessity of checking voltage in the hub text and say that this one is really neat and I always have one as a professional electrician.  Then I'll put the ad next to that text, coupled to a blue, right shifted, text box, describing it and how necessary it is.  I sell quite a few of those (or did until Amazon messed up the picture, but that's another story).

    2. peachpurple profile image82
      peachpurpleposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      i did managed to sell off a prayer book for my good friday prayer hub. Try to get the right amazon product that relates to your hub

  2. RanaKm profile image46
    RanaKmposted 3 years ago

    Oh thank you for this detailed guide, really appreciate it! It's so true, we should convince the readers and put them some real proofs about what a particular product can do.. Seems like a very hard work though, and all I can do is try. Trying is not bad.. I'll take your advice and work with it..
    I have some hubs which include related products I use and feel like people should have too and I talked about these products but I still never get anything sold..
    A good example is a hub called " How to remove body hair without pain "..

  3. EricNormanKennedy profile image60
    EricNormanKennedyposted 3 years ago

    With eBay selling the product is where it is at.In other words study up on your HTML writing for the ad, put a lot of good actual pictures up, and try to end your auctions on a day where you know that a good portion of America will be sitting in front of their computers, like a weekend possibly a Sunday.

  4. janshares profile image96
    jansharesposted 3 years ago

    Hi RanaKm, I don't have any tips on how to sell products. I just put them in the capsule, only relevant ones, and hope I get a sale. When I do get a sale from Amazon, it's icing on the cake and a pleasant surprise. When I get a sale from eBay, it's a miracle. I really don't write the type of hub that focuses on getting sales. Some hubbers do which is cool. But my focus is usually on information and content. Most sales I've gotten from Amazon are books.