Important News On Linux Operating System

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    Cosstechposted 2 years ago

    Hello Friends,
    Initially when I started sharing my content in hub - as a newbie I was not able to contribute that much. I had some discussion on how to improve my hubs in my previous post in this forum. I gather some knowledge from there and based on that I changed the way of contributing in this platform.

    In my last three hubs I have tried to share some important information on Linux, basically some current news in my own way. Here are my hubs: … ner-Bundle … Foundation … ival-Linux

    I know it is difficult for anyone to review all the hubs and give your feedback. But still I would like to draw attention of the hubers here to check my hubs as much as possible and give your feedback.

    I am trying to improve myself and trying to contribute something useful in this platform. Without helps from experts, I can't move forward.