Mobile or Desk Top presence and editing old hubs.

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    tsmogposted 2 years ago

    Firstly, I have only about 10 hubs today. I tend to be maybe wordy (2,000+ at times) while learning how to edit better today. A learning process while there seems to be a difference of how taught to write vs. how to market content online. Next, I have not until recently used the Mobile Preview with my existing hubs. I do not have any kind of mobile device to actually check it in real life. I have some questions seeking better quality hubs as well as more views.

    (Note: I have searched the forums and yes it is packed full of information. I honestly get confused with discussions related to specific Apps used by mobile phones. My apologies if these seem redundant and well discussed earlier)

    #1 I discover a contrast comparing my text length with that of the dashboard. When the learning center suggests an article length of 1150+ is that a dashboard word count or for instance that of MS Word?

    #2 Not having and being familiar with a smart phone or tablet is there a tendency to skim / scan naturally? I watch people with those skimming through emails and text announcements. Seems to be done swiftly and easily with a few flips of the finger.

    #3 In the Blog I seem to have read the projection for desktop will be 35% of the content market in the near distant future. Does that mean Google will be or is targeting that with their illusive algorithms?

    #4 Even though I like the mobile appearance of all my hubs at the preview, they do seem with a smartphone they may be cumbersome. Which market is greater - tablet or smartphone for a target.

    #5 Which is preferred the article content or the article marketing as a priority?