Amazon Earning Program

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    agnes elmiraposted 2 years ago


    I was given some info on a preovious discussion about the Amazon Earning Program that I would like confirmation, then some clarification on. I'm also working on getting my Google AdSense account as a separate issue, so I'm ONLY interested in how these questions/discussion relate to Amazon Earning program WITHOUT a Google AdSense account.

    I have 10 published hubs, 3 are unfeatured currently, but will edited and likely featured within the month. I do not yet have a G AdSense account and was told that I cold apply for and get an amazon earning program as a trial without an adsense account and possibly start earning. However, this trial will end without notice if no Amazon sales are made.

    First of all- is this all true so far?

    Secondly- if it is true, how long precisely is the trial period? (how long exactly do I have to make sales before it gets cancelled?)

    Are there any penaltires for an early termination? (if there are no sales in certain period of time can I still go back and reapply after publishing more featured hubs and/or making improvements to the previous hubs?)

    ALL of my hubs make references to 2-3 books and movies minimum, but I am told this is not neccessarliy somethiin that will get me sales. Aside from improving my hubs with more pictures, videos, web site links, etc, what are some general tips to get sales thru Amazon earning program ALONE?

    thanks, Melissa

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    LindaSmith1posted 2 years ago

    You need adsense to be part of HP Amazon program.  You can get your own Amazon Associate account without HP or Adsense.  I believe if you go a year without any sales, you will get a notice from Amazon and they may ask if you want to continue.  Others have reported that Amazon simply shut their account down if they didn't get sales.    Books are a tough sale. Too many cheap/free KIndle books, and free E-Books.