18 advert links in lists - all completely unrelated to topic of hub

  1. makingamark profile image61
    makingamarkposted 2 years ago

    Why does HubPages unpublish and unfeature hubs which have content which is wholly consistent with the topic of the hub - but they decided some of it "might" be spammy....
    .....and then have 18 advert links at the bottom of the Hub which are 100% unrelated to the topic of the hub?

    Next time HubPages accuses one of my hubs of being spammy I shall be sending the team lists of the very many links on my hubs which do a very good job of looking like spam

    Thing is those "spammy" lists of links are absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with me.


  2. GiftsByDiana profile image37
    GiftsByDianaposted 2 years ago

    I have a few pages that get that treatment as well.  I have one now in fact.
    It was fine and gets good traffic.  Then, I dared to update it and all of a sudden this happens again.  This same page had this treatment several times.
    I see so many pages here that are nothing but CLEARLY SPAM that are still active.  Yet, I use a wrong word (supposedly) or mention my hometown one too many times when I want to update a page to keep it current and then one of my pages is called spam and is not featured any longer.

    Then, there is also the spam ads that have nothing to do with us that you mention.  These cannot be helping in the ranking by the search engines.  The ranking tanks so HP tightens the filters to catch a wrong word or other slight error on our part to try to make the big G happy again.  This, of course, fails as this wasn't the main problem.  The main problems are the nothing but spam pages and the spam ads.
    I am almost to the point of not wanting to update any of my pages as they were all featured.  I update one and then have to figure out whatever the little thing is that got caught up in the filter to get it featured again.  It is not worth my time to keep this up.
    Especially aggravating are the pages that were made to be nothing but junk spam, but never updated and run through the filter so they are still active.

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