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Deleting Snipped Hubs

  1. Maina Ndungu profile image84
    Maina Ndunguposted 17 months ago

    If I'm not comfortable with a hub that was snipped, is it bad if I just delete it? I mean will I have any issues with the Hubpages team?

    1. paradigmsearch profile image84
      paradigmsearchposted 17 months ago in reply to this

      First, why not reply to the email that notified you of the change and ask Robin to review the issue?

      If no joy there and you still want to delete it, just undo the snip instead. HP will then decide what to do about it. It could be nothing more than they decide to not move your hub to the planned niche site.

      If you don't like what they decided (e.g. unfeaturing, unpublishing), then go ahead and do the deletion you had planned to do anyway.

      HP has no problem with people deleting their hubs, happens all the time. However, why not try the above first? smile

      1. Maina Ndungu profile image84
        Maina Ndunguposted 17 months ago in reply to this

        Thanks for the response, Paradigm.

        1. paradigmsearch profile image84
          paradigmsearchposted 17 months ago in reply to this

          You are welcome. I hope the hub ends up staying. smile

    2. Kaili Bisson profile image97
      Kaili Bissonposted 17 months ago in reply to this

      Hi there,
      I would wait and see what happens with it. Perhaps they made some changes that will help traffic? Give it a week or so, then decide if you still want to delete it.

    3. Christy Kirwan profile image
      Christy Kirwanposted 17 months ago in reply to this

      Maina Ndungu,

      Just to be clear, we do not recommend putting back any snipped products without speaking to HP Staff first. Hubbers who replace snipped items frequently to Hubs that show up on our niche sites may have their Hubs permanently blacklisted so that they never appear on sites. If Staff believes a Hubber is showing a pattern of adding back spam, he/she will no longer have any Hubs moved. We simply don't have the time to constantly review Hubs that appear on sites to make sure they have not been edited to no longer follow our guidelines.

    4. Millionaire Tips profile image89
      Millionaire Tipsposted 17 months ago

      If your hub was snipped, HubPages must have felt it was worthy of a review, probably for a move to the niche site.  Personally, I would leave it alone.  But if you want to protest the snip, you can send the team an email.

    5. makingamark profile image68
      makingamarkposted 17 months ago

      I had a hub that was snipped - and I unpublished it straightaway. I refuse to allow other people to edit and mess about with my copyrighted material.

      The content is now in the process of being moved. I will be reinstating aspects that were snipped on the new site.

      I guess in due course I could also report back on traffic and sales......

    6. Will Apse profile image88
      Will Apseposted 17 months ago

      It seems that the possibility of remaining on the the main site is now being used as a stick to wave at the unruly.

      Bit sad.

    7. DzyMsLizzy profile image93
      DzyMsLizzyposted 17 months ago

      Today's e-mail brought my my very first notice of a hub that had been 'snipped.'

      I was not upset.  They did not mess with any of my content, but merely deleted an Amazon capsule.

      The hub was written some time back, before I was aware that such capsules, in addition to being relevant, should not be random items that seem related because of topic, but things with which the author actually has experience and can recommend.  In this case, it was a book whose title sounded perfect for the topic, but which I have not read.

      I don't do that anymore, so I don't anticipate any further issues.