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Fixing Google Webmaster Tools

  1. promisem profile image98
    promisemposted 19 months ago

    I would like to direct this post to the HP staff.

    I had my HP account set up in Google Webmaster Tools when the subdomain was promisem.hubpages.com. Now that the address is http://hubpages.com/@promisem, the GWT reports no longer work.

    When I try to set up a new profile in GWT, it appends a slash to the end of the address and says the page is not found. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix it? Can you accommodate a trailing slash with a rewrite or another method?

    I realize GWT is probably used by few of your writers and may not be a priority. But it is a useful tool for improving and tracking the performance of Hubs.

  2. EricDockett profile image97
    EricDockettposted 19 months ago

    We lost the ability to use WMT when we lost our subdomains. I miss it too, and I used much of that info to make decisions when I edited my Hubs. But it was part of the reason HP put everything back on the main domain --  so they could have access to all of that information.

    Apparently Hubbers could no longer be trusted to make their own decisions and only editors and other HP staff posses the necessary intelligence to properly analyze the data and use it to improve Hubs. So, now HP gets to see the data, but we do not.

    I was pretty resentful of that at first (can you tell?), but now that the niche sites are doing well I've more or less let it go. Still, I hope HP heeds your request and comes up with a way for Hubbers to have access to WMT again. If it is even possible.

    1. earner profile image86
      earnerposted 17 months agoin reply to this

      You say "decision" - that's what I used to do.  Look at the data and spot something I'd missed.... then make a decision to either change my existing hub to better match inbound requests, or to create an entirely new, similar, linked-to hub, thus increasing the reach and potential income.

      It makes you lose some momentum and enthusiasm .... until you stare at what you've got and just think ... "pffft" and go put the kettle on instead.

  3. liladybugz26 profile image87
    liladybugz26posted 17 months ago

    Glad I finally found an answer to why I'm having such problems with WMT. I've spent hours pulling out my hair trying to find answers.

    I am also happy for the increased traffic to my TWO hubs that are hosted on the niche sites, but wish I had WMT control of all the others. This is quite frustrating.

  4. Glenn Stok profile image99
    Glenn Stokposted 17 months ago

    It's true that Google Webmaster Tools no longer works since we no longer have individual sub domains, but Google Analytics works and it gives us all the information that we need, more than GWT ever did.

    • I use Google Analytics to track the behavior flow of my readers (flow from one hub to the next).

    • I use it to see how long people stay reading each hub.

    • I use it to track the source of traffic.

    • I use it to see how many people come back for more vs. how many are new readers.

    • I use it to check the demographics of my readers.

    • I use it to see what types of devices people use to read my hubs (desktop, mobile, tablet).

    • I used it to watch people reading my hubs in real-time view.

    • I use it to show me which hubs lose readers (bounce rate).

    • Google Analytics even works across all network niche sites, so all data is tracked.

    Need I go on?