giving away my hubpages account to any other hubber.

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    shreekrishnaposted 8 years ago

    hello hubbers ,

    i am giving away my hubpages account to anyone in 2-5 days after .

    if anyone want this.

    i am giving this account free.


    i have got 107 fans in just 7days ,

    by only publishing one hub only ,

    & fans are increasing rapidly.

    i have written more than 100 posts ,

    & got 2 madals also,

    1'st for 100 fans
    2nd for 100 posts.

    in forums everyone hated me ,
    so they stop replying me whenever i write posts.

    even i wan't to share my 100 fans happiness,
    nobody replies,

    than what is meaning of attaining such good position.
    i am a newbie only.

    i does not have a adsense account.
    but i get a huge traffic with only one hub.

    i tried to apply through hubpages , but adsense refused by saying that ::::
    unacceptable site conntent.

    then what is the need of my here,

    i wan't suggestion from every one,

    but most important are,

    whitney05 , misha & bc99.
    if they tell i will give my acccount to anyone.

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    GeneriqueMediaposted 8 years ago


    We value you for you. Whether or not you create Hubs is kind of..well, we'd like to see it, but hey, stick with us!

    You don't like us? Do I smell funny? Here, I'll make you some cookies. smile