Publishing a "Hub"

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    Hibiscus06posted 10 months ago

    In order to publish a "Hub", they ask you for your cell number, saying that they will send a "confirmation code", and its only after this step that i think my article would be published, right? so, i gave them my cell number, but i still haven't got any "confirmation code" at all, no texts and the call for the code from Hubpages isn't working for me. They said that i need to now wait for 24 hours before trying for another confirmation code, but its been 24 hours and i still cannot seem to get a confirmation code. What. . . do i do? Its my first time on this site, and its already a bother.

    1. Matt Wells profile image
      Matt Wellsposted 10 months agoin reply to this

      Hello Hibiscus06, Sorry you are experiencing issues verifying your phone number. Please send an email to and we will take a look.

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    Trihorusposted 10 months ago

    hey, i don't know about that, even I'm new here. But i wasn't asked my cell number and stuff. I Just wrote one article and hit the 'publish now' tab. I have been rejected twice, that's a different issue though.