Profanity within YT Videos

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    Lucien Loveposted 11 months ago

    Hi! The other day I was writing my article How to Write: Some Tips for Characterization and I was looking for popular movies that illustrated the points I was making. Specifically, the point about action -- how a character's actions speak volumes about their character, i.e. showing instead of telling.

    The scene I went with was the closing scene from The Godfather. Initially I'd wanted to use the "You talkin' to me?" scene from Taxi Driver.

    If you've seen the scene however, you know that Robert DeNiro uses some rough language in the scene (F-word, C-word) so I ended up going with Godfather instead.

    What's the standard operating procedure in situations like these? Is a Youtube video containing profanity OK on Hubpages? If so, is it necessary to put a some kind of disclaimer with the video?

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      ptosisposted 11 months agoin reply to this

      Mine on Fenya teaches Russian slang and has swear words in English.  IDK the rule but I think it's ok if editorial.