Site SLOW - effects ranking

  1. GetFactsnotHype profile image81
    GetFactsnotHypeposted 12 months ago

    I would expect a slower load if there was a video or flash content or EXTRA large pictures, maybe even blurry ones, and over done BOLD and font color, but that is not the case with many pages including the one I visited and yet it is slower than the walking dead.

    You are aware that Google's rank is partially based on how fast the site loads, right?  I mean you know you are just hurting your chances with slow loading, because it took well over 16 seconds to load.

    I would expect that from maybe dial-up internet, which I am NOT using.  I have Cable lines and this thing here is almost at a crawl.  Maybe some overblown, overwritten code that needs cleaned up.

    It's not just that it effects rank, but readers (potential customers) don't want to wait around for 16 seconds or more for a page to load, because they will just go somewhere else to get the same info.  There is NO reason it should take more than 7 seconds to load, and the really good sites load in less than 3.

    I've noticed this for awhile, but it's getting worse.  Is this going to be a permanent thing?