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Which social media website gives most traffic?

  1. srirad0675 profile image83
    srirad0675posted 10 months ago

    Please share your experience.

    1. Down South Mama profile image85
      Down South Mamaposted 9 months agoin reply to this

      It was facebook for the lonest but this month twitter has really takrn off for me

  2. poppyr profile image98
    poppyrposted 10 months ago

    It depends on your amount of followers. I don't get much traffic from social media, but I suppose Twitter would be the highest one.
    You're better off trying to write articles that have good search engine optimisation so people who search for the topic on Google, Bing, or Yahoo will come across your article.

    1. eugbug profile image98
      eugbugposted 10 months agoin reply to this

      It's not a social network as such, but for me personally most non-organic traffic comes from Pinterest. I've put a huge amount of effort into promoting hubs on Twitter, engaging with other people, using hashtags and adding captioned images to every tweet etc, but have had very little payback. The problem with Twitter is that tweets come and go so quick that they have a small chance of being seen by your followers. It's all right if you're a celebrity and your fans are hanging on your every word, but for us mere mortals, the only hope of increasing a tweet's visibility is to hashtag it so that it at least turns up in a Twitter search. Facebook has been a little better, but I only get a few visits per day to hubs. Pinterest is quite good and I get about 100 visits per day. The whole idea of Pinterest is that it taps into our desire to collect things. Children like collecting small toy cars, Pokemon or baseball cards, Ladybird books or whatever. Some of us adults like to do the same. So on Pinterest we make boards and collect pins and put them onto the boards, sort of like stamp collecting. Unlike the constantly moving Twitter stream which disappears out of sight, Pinterest presents stuff in a more navigable and organised form. If someone's interested in a topic, they can browse a board and see related interesting content and hopefully follow the link back to here.

  3. srirad0675 profile image83
    srirad0675posted 10 months ago

    Thank you.

  4. NateB11 profile image94
    NateB11posted 10 months ago

    My experience is that I get a heavy boost periodically from someone posting one of my pieces to Facebook and I also get a certain amount of regular traffic from Pinterest.

  5. Will Apse profile image91
    Will Apseposted 10 months ago

    I get very few views from any of the bars that I frequent.

    1. NateB11 profile image94
      NateB11posted 10 months agoin reply to this

      Laughing hard.

  6. Kierstin Gunsberg profile image98
    Kierstin Gunsbergposted 10 months ago

    Pinterest is my all-star when it comes to views from outside of a search engine search. Second is Facebook. I share my articles publicly there and tag relevant businesses (that are directly related to my article) to reach a larger audience.

  7. srirad0675 profile image83
    srirad0675posted 10 months ago

    Thank you all.

  8. blueheron profile image95
    blueheronposted 10 months ago

    Here's what I've found: I write how-to articles. I have quite a few articles on soapmaking and making other personal care products. Now, as it happens, there are a whole bunch of Facebook groups that share information on making these products. When I complete an article on this subject, I post a link to the article in one or more of these Facebook groups. There have been a couple of cases where these articles created a lot of excitement. Everyone in the soapmaking groups knows about Liz Ardlady's shampoo bar recipe--and many would LOVE to know how to make it as a liquid shampoo. When I posted the recipe for this, I got about a thousand hits a day for about three days, before the excitement died down.

    So--see if there are some Facebook groups of people interested in doing whatever your how-to hub is about. Join the group and post links to your hub.

    I have a hub on how to build a bent-willow chair. It gets very little attention. So I need to see if I can find a Facebook group of people interested in this type of thing, and post a link to the hub.

    If there ARE Facebook groups for what you are writing about, doing this will get you more hits than any other strategy.

    1. Jesse Drzal profile image98
      Jesse Drzalposted 10 months agoin reply to this

      I have a better one.

  9. Sherry Hewins profile image96
    Sherry Hewinsposted 10 months ago

    Pinterest is my best social media site by far, and a distant second to Google in general traffic. It's not because I'm extremely active on Pinterest, but a few images from my hubs have done well there.

  10. srirad0675 profile image83
    srirad0675posted 10 months ago

    Thank you blueheron and Sherry.

  11. blueheron profile image95
    blueheronposted 10 months ago

    I mentioned above that I planned to look for Facebook groups suitable for pimping my blog, "How to Build a Bent-Willow Chair." I joined three, but I've only been approved by the Homesteading & Self Sufficiency group. A link to my article has been posted there, but is awaiting approval. I'll have to get back to you to tell you if this helped traffic. I also realized I have several other articles that would fit this and similar groups.

    1. srirad0675 profile image83
      srirad0675posted 10 months agoin reply to this

      Thank you.

  12. blueheron profile image95
    blueheronposted 10 months ago

    I mentioned that what has often worked for me is posting my articles to Facebook groups that might be interested in the subject matter, and that I was going to post my low-traffic article, "How to Build a Bent-Willow Chair" to some Facebooks groups. I posted it to a couple of homesteading groups and one woodcrafting group.

    I'm seeing a very slight bump in traffic.

    Of course, you're lucky if some of these groups have 3,000 members. One of the soapmaking and body care groups I posted the earlier article to has 41,000 members--and is a VERY active group. Groups like this will often share your article with other groups.

    I guess I'll continue exploring this approach and see how it works for subject matter that is not of burning interest to tens of thousands of people.

  13. Sallyhigh2016 profile image60
    Sallyhigh2016posted 9 months ago

    I would agree with an earlier post saying you should stick to writing for search engines.