Seeking input regarding album/song title formatting, Spinditty

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    Stephen Sinclairposted 9 months ago

    Hi everyone:

    I have been thoroughly enjoying my time with HubPages. A few days ago, an editor with 'Spinditty' sent me the attached message for the following article: … f-All-Time

    I've made the suggested changes with the video width and removing the Amazon link, but I'm unsure what the "Text Formatting" issue might be. I have been italicizing album titles and using double quotes for song titles; perhaps a different format is preferred?

    Thanks so much!

    The Editor who reviewed your article suggests that you address the following issues:

    Text Formatting:
    Only bold words and phrases that are essential to emphasize. Italics should be used for the titles of books, computer and video games, movies, and television shows but not to provide emphasis. Lastly, always avoid large blocks of text that are excessively stylized (bold, italic, underline) as they impede readability.

    Additional Note From Your Editor:
    Hi there!

    We'd like to consider this article for Spinditty, but need to see a little editing done first. Can you expand each video to full width and make sure that the video for a song/artist is above the text for that person? Also, the surfing trunks product link should be removed.

    Thank you!

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    Marisa Wrightposted 9 months ago

    OK, I  think you can safely stop worrying about the formatting of the titles.

    The email you've received is a standard email that everyone gets, except for that last "Additional Note".   The Additional Note is what you need to address.  The rest of the email may not apply to you at all - if the editor was really worried about any of those issues, they would've mentioned it in the Additional Note.

    About the Amazon product - if you have other Amazon products like that on other Hubs, you will need to remove them.  The new rule about Amazon products is that they must be directly related to the title of your Hub - so in this case, the only product I can think of would be a DVD of Canadian rock hits.  Also, if you include an Amazon product, you must say something about why you, personally, enjoy or recommend it.

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      Stephen Sinclairposted 9 months agoin reply to this

      Thanks Marissa!