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Everything you ever wanted to know about Chinese Medicine! Please Chec

  1. TessSchlesinger profile image96
    TessSchlesingerposted 3 months ago

    https://hubpages.com/health/Traditional … ine-or-TCM


    Been working on this for four hours and I genuinely can no longer see my errors. Would much appreciate it if you could peruse it and pick up what needs to be fixed.

    Thank you. smile

    1. sallybea profile image99
      sallybeaposted 3 months agoin reply to this

      I ran the text through word and these are some of the things it came up with.

      And thus, I met the darling


      Twenty-two years

      Two-hour session

      Particular body (Prefers the word Body on its own)

      As vile as an herbal concoction

      Various parts of the body (or distinct parts of the body

      Twenty-nine different parts of the


      Because of acupuncture

      I used it, but it never made any difference

      Learning to use acupuncture

      You will just have to run through the text and see where you used these words.

      1. TessSchlesinger profile image96
        TessSchlesingerposted 3 months agoin reply to this

        Hi Sally,

        I corrected everything I saw except the an for herb. Unfortunately, those of us outside the US pronounce the herb with an h so it is not silent. It's one of those differences between American English and British English. Thanks for the heads-up on the other stuff. All corrected. smile

  2. Jeremy Gill profile image96
    Jeremy Gillposted 3 months ago

    Hi, Tess. I enjoyed the read and found no glaring grammar errors. Here are my thoughts:

    1) Maybe remove one of the videos; relevance is questionable.
    2) Put a question mark in the poll.
    3) Personally, I wouldn't mind hearing more about your acupuncture session.
    4) I wonder if HP is dinging you for the frequent links to other pages. Is your work not yet featured? If so, this may be why.

    Hope this helps!

    1. TessSchlesinger profile image96
      TessSchlesingerposted 3 months agoin reply to this

      Thank you for your input.

      The hub has 1930 words with 8 links. I think it's about the same number of links I have in other articles, and they have been selected for vertical sites. I do, realize, however, that one section has three links in a single paragraph. However, the information given is all different and relevant to the piece. In terms of SEO, it also means that the more links there are to relevant sites, the more likely Google is to recognize it as supplying genuine information, thereby increasing traffic to it.

      I put in the video about giraffes because the scientific consensus is that people imagine the pain is gone, i.e. a placebo effect. It is unlikely that giraffes imagine the pain is gone. Do you think I should mention that, or is it evident?

      I can remove the video with the herbal store. It is a shitty video, I do admit, but I was finding it difficult to find visual evidence of what a herbal facility looks like. The other two videos extend on the information I give. Everything is about TCM, so I'm not quite sure why you feel they aren't relevant. Please tell me.

      I always put in videos because they extend the time the reader is on the article. This means that traffic does not bounce as frequently, and that is good SEO because Google sees time spent on a hub as meaning it's worth sending traffic to.

      You're right. I could put in something about the acupuncture experience. I will do that. Thank you.

      Question mark noted. smile

      You wouldn't be able to see my hub if it wasn't featured! smile So, not hubpages is not dinging me for putting in links to other pages. I always supply lots of evidence (through links) for what I say. smile

      1. Jeremy Gill profile image96
        Jeremy Gillposted 3 months agoin reply to this

        Eh, the video title capsule mentions the placebo info already, so it's probably fine.

        None of the videos seem terribly irrelevant, I suppose I'm just not used to four in one Hub. Then again, just because I'm not used to it doesn't mean it's wrong.

        Hmm, can't we see unfeatured Hubs when they're linked to? They just wouldn't show up in Google and HP browsing, if I'm not mistaken.

        1. TessSchlesinger profile image96
          TessSchlesingerposted 3 months agoin reply to this

          Oh, you are right. Sorry. My error.

  3. daydreams profile image99
    daydreamsposted 3 months ago

    I found a few
    "as I had been desperately looking for it for a while, I entered to store"
    "The study of these herbs has evolved for more than two and a half thousand years, thereby probably being the most researched herbs in existence." this sounds awkward
    "write out a prescription in a minutes"
    However, recently, there has been some questions asked about the placebo effect.

    It's an interesting article, although surely Western medicine has its uses?

    1. TessSchlesinger profile image96
      TessSchlesingerposted 3 months agoin reply to this

      Thanks. It's already been upped to Remedy Grove where they have taken care of the last few edits.

      In the past 40 years, I can count on one hand the number of times I have been correctly diagnosed by a western medical doctor. I have no time for them at all.

      I think it was author Robin Cook in one of his medical thrillers who notes that the swing towards alternative medicine has been a result of western doctors spending 10 minutes with you and then giving the wrong diagnosis.

      25% of diagnoses by western medical doctors is wrong. When you consider that those are all the serious illnesses, and that it meant that a large number of the 'correct diagnoses' were probably lucky guesses, one begins to wonder about lucky guesses.