Generic e-mail for re-submitted hub

  1. Shesabutterfly profile image95
    Shesabutterflyposted 3 months ago

    I had an article selected for movement to delishably a few months back. I've gone back and forth editing it and finally decided it wasn't worth it. In the beginning of the week I went back and removed all but one picture and resubmitted it, because it seemed like the pictures were the issue. However, yesterday I received a generic e-mail that made it sound like I was submitting the article for the first time. I know that's not the case, as I wouldn't have been able to submit it as my 14 days are not over from my last article submission.

    Not sure what to do. I know they are busy with hiring and editing, and I have no interest in re-editing the article at this time as I have many others that would be easier to update and get moved at this point. I can't send an e-mail to the editor as this e-mail came from the editoral team from an unmonitored address. I also cannot seem to find the original couple e-mails regarding this particular article. I have no problems waiting, just curious about the general e-mail for an article that hubpages had picked to move.

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      theraggededgeposted 3 months agoin reply to this

      If you have been invited to edit it for submission, you don't need to wait Just click on Submit to a Niche Site and you'll see a message from your editor, which will explain exactly what the requirement is. You can then go back, edit the hub accordingly, and then submit it properly.

      1. Shesabutterfly profile image95
        Shesabutterflyposted 3 months agoin reply to this

        I did submit it, but I didn't see any notes from an editor. Could I have waited too long to do the edits? I know the main issue had something to do with the pictures not being mine, even though they were used legally and sourced properly. I deleted most of them, but then got an e-mail that made it seem like it went straight to delishably instead of to the editor that had picked it for submission.