Rest Periods for Writing

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  1. Jessie L Watson profile image95
    Jessie L Watsonposted 10 months ago

    I've given myself about 8 days so far of R&R to spend with family. Now I feel quite charged to write but my vacation doesn't end until after the 1st. So, I'm cheating a little. But I want talk about a story of the importance of rest.

    I joined the military in 2008. Went through 16 weeks of training - continuous physical exercise. Once the formal training was complete I had 2 weeks of down-time before I moved onto airborne school. During that time, I was so exhausted from training that I did nothing but sleep in and go out the clubs at night. After the two week break, I reported to airborne school. From there, we had to take another physical training test. I scored a personal record high for fastest run time even after having drank and smoked for 2 straight weeks. Lol.

    Down time is crucial. Both physically, mentally, and emotionally. For those dedicated hubbers out there, give your mind a break and you might be surprised at your level of acuity once your return.

    1. Marketing Merit profile image95
      Marketing Meritposted 10 months agoin reply to this

      Totally agree with your sentiments. We all need to take some timeout in order not to burn ourselves out.

      I can't profess to know the challenges presented by being a member of the Armed Forces, but I have, nonetheless, experienced a challenging year. I'm too embarrassed to say what time I woke up today, but I desperately needed the time to recharge my batteries. This was followed by some 6 hours of extremely productive work, as well as being able to solve several technical problems that had previously appeared insurmountable!

      So yes, sufficient R&R is definitely a pre-requisite for success. Have a fabulous New Year.

      1. Jessie L Watson profile image95
        Jessie L Watsonposted 10 months agoin reply to this


  2. Shogun profile image45
    Shogunposted 10 months ago

    I tend to enjoy an activity such as writing or running until the point I end up burned out. That was especially problematic with writing, as it was my hobby and full-time job. I definitely recommend changing scenery, going on holiday, or just shaking up the routine a bit. I've been able to get back to slamming out content after a weekend getaway, though wasn't able to after a summer break away from work. Do what works for you!


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