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where to look for grants?

  1. bakerthelo profile image52
    bakertheloposted 8 years ago

    where to look for grants?

    Check out my posts for answers.

  2. aneka profile image60
    anekaposted 8 years ago

    The Foundation Center is a good on line source to look for grants on various topics such as children, education, social services etc.

  3. Torch Harrison profile image82
    Torch Harrisonposted 7 years ago

    Well...that depends on what you are looking for.  If it's money for school, the Financial Aid or College/University Library is your best bet.

    You could go to the Foundation Center or Guidestar, but you really have to have it nailed down as to what you are looking for.  Lots of folks think 'cash', well, that just won't fly.  If you're looking for money to pay for emergency needs, work on an art project, go to a conference, or pay towards your graduate studies that is something you could locate.

    Just a quick tip, however...do yourself a favor and find a local library who has the full access version of the Foundation Center or Guidestar.  It's much easier to search and you can print out all the vital information you need.

    You can also find federal government grants for FREE at www.grants.gov , although the vast majority of federal grants are not directed to individuals.

    Never let anybody tell you you have to PAY for federal grant information!

    Hope it helps. Good luck.

  4. CJMcAllister profile image82
    CJMcAllisterposted 2 years ago

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation particularly focuses on education. The Foundation funds grants for people of all different backgrounds and educational levels. read more