Got your fan mail - and note the money question. See Additional Details

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    Russell-Dposted 8 years ago

    Got your fan mail - and note the money question. See Additional Details

    I thought originally that money could be made of Hub Pages thru the Google ads, having been spoiled by 60+ years of earning a writer's top dollar. Now, I found no one wants to pay for it. So, my answer is I write for myself. Anyone who wants to read it is cordially welcomed. But, whether readers come or not, with thanks to 1000 who have come and  comments from all the world's continents, I still write for myself.  Unless an agent or publisher comes into the picture, that's the way it will be.
    Find peace in the wonderful words you write and share. It's enough. David

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    NGRIA Bassettposted 8 years ago

    I agree with you Russell-D. I cane to Hubpages to develop the ability to write, receive feedback and to enjoy the process.
    Unlike you, I do not have any writing and publishing experience but I really enjoy the spirit of expression.

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    katyzzzposted 8 years ago

    What you say is so true, David, but the expectations of  hub pages, as we were lead to believe, were that one could make some money, and with my 13,500 readers it just doesn't happen, I gave up wasting time with Amazon and Ebay quite some time ago, and when I read that someone else with 50,000 plus readers still had not made any money, I was flabbergasted, I think it does happen for a few, often offbeat or all about money, which promises, too,  but never delivers and thereby hangs a tale, but for you it must be especially so.

    My own opinion is that what we do is good for 'hub pages' and almost free publicity for advertisers, but with so many chasing so few dollars it is easy to see that there is not enough 'money' to go around, plus I think 'hub pages' places their ads strategically and many who think we get the money through their clicks would find out it actually goes to 'hub pages'

    For the time being I'm prepared to coast along with it, but I won't hang around forever and now only post when I feel like it, not to meet any fixed agenda.

    One of my hubs has nearly 7,000 readers but I see scant return even of the cents variety.

    Good luck and may Peace continue to be with you.

    I think more disclosure would be good, so I was pleased to have this question raised. katyzzz

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