Is hubpages really a good place for fiction?

  1. mcacreate profile image59
    mcacreateposted 8 years ago

    Is hubpages really a good place for fiction?

    My only hub is a short story. Fiction. it has got some traffic, but no adsense clicks, no comments and no money. I',m wondering, as I have before, if hubpages is really a good place for fiction. Unfortunatly, the other sites require your content must not be published elsewhere.

  2. aidenofthetower profile image81
    aidenofthetowerposted 8 years ago

    This is a complicated issue because it really depends on your goals. Fiction can do well here in that you can grow an audience, get true and honest fans, and have a lot of people enjoy it. You would need a lot more than a single piece.

    Making money with fiction here will be near impossible. You might get a few clicks and a few cents, but the truth comes down to the fact that people aren't likely to click on the ads if they came to your story to read it.

    On the other hand, having written for a lot of different sites and checked out even more...there really isn't a very good place for fiction. You just won't make much money on it online because most forms of advertising don't fit in with it.

  3. traderx profile image59
    traderxposted 7 years ago

    Hub pages is about adding lots of quality content.  If you create multiple quality hubs, people will find your content.  Take a look at some of the top hubbers here, they have hundreds of hubs created over time.  Adding only 1 hub is unlikely to generate much of anything.  Its the body of work that does it - people read a topic they are interested in, see your work and then want to see more that you have written.

    Additionally, like everything else, your traffic will dramatically increase if you promote your hubs outside of hubpages.  Bookmark you hubs.  Comment about your hubs on forums.  Join facebook groups and promote your writing and hubs etc.

    As far as earning a lot of money from advertising, it is unlikely.  If you are writing fiction, people are there for entertainment usually and not looking for a solution to a problem.  People looking for solutions will click ads, because they are researching or working on the topic they are reading about.  If an ad purports to solve their issue or give the information they want, they click it.  That is the whole reason contextual advertising works.  You will get some clicks and make some money. 

    If you are mostly interested in the money, create some non fiction hubs on interesting topics which have a high payout from adsense.  There is no reason why you cannot create both types, people do it all the time.