Bargain of the century! Brag about your best deal!

  1. mayhmong profile image66
    mayhmongposted 8 years ago

    Not sure if I had post this before since its been a while. But hey, I'm so ready to move out and get myself an apartment. It means having to get everything from kitchen items, bathroom, livingroom etc. Any ideas about living independently?

    BTW, my foster mom had a great bargain with this family. We had a little old Ford car. We just moved in to a new house and she wanted to get a set of bunk bed frames. She found an ad in the newspaper that was selling one. We went there and bought this cute colorful bunk bed frame for $30.00. Sadly, it didn't fit in our little car. So the guy said he'll deliver it to us that evening. So when evening came, we saw a pile of things together in our backyard. Our mouth litterly dropped opened as to say, wtf was this guy doing?! We had two sets of bunk bed frames. Along with 2 brand spanking new mattress that was still in the plastic wrap. She had to call him back to make sure that he hasn't lost his mind. He said yeah, go its all for you. Later we saw the same set of bunk bed frames at a furniture store for nearly $500.00?! Talking about a huge saving! Whoo-hoo!!!!