how many words have to be in a hub

  1. niishta88 profile image55
    niishta88posted 8 years ago

    how many words have to be in a hub

  2. dustin56 profile image60
    dustin56posted 8 years ago

    Whether it be one or one million it is your article. Don't think of it as a term paper or an essay. Think of it as your own little sentence, your own little paragraph, your own little story, or your own little book tongue. It is up to you, just let the words pour into the hub and you should be happy with your article.

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    Jawa Lunkposted 8 years ago

    PLUS, if you are using Kontara, the more words you have the more possibilities for clickable links as well.

    You want to write a hub for people to read...if its too short, they may not be interested in your other hubs...but if its too long, they may get bored and leave your hub...

    So you need to find the balance between content and interest.