How can i make money posting sites

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    jennyzposted 8 years ago

    How can i make money posting sites

    How do i get the soft ware to post google sites to make money

  2. Ricky Covit profile image54
    Ricky Covitposted 8 years ago

    I do not think there is any software which can do that. This is an old scam style thing about posting google sites which is nothingh but essentially the creation of websites and then adding adsense on to it.

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    meech741posted 8 years ago

    As far as any software for posting sites to Google to make money, there really is none to my knowledge, so if someone is willing to sell you something along those lines, I would say "Hold on to your money!"  Most of these sites that promise to get you onto to such a program is looking for your money.  Basically, to make money from Google advertising, you need to create compelling, interesting content, which would then have Google advertising beside it.  Your content can be your own blogs on a place like Hubpages, or to create your own web site which would show the Google (or other) advertising.

    The key is to generate traffic, and from the traffic you will get a percentage that will click on the advertising, and make you some money.  I will share with you how that has been working out for me so far.  Currently, I have some articles here on Hubpages, and I also have a webcomic website.  I have recently removed the advertising from the webcomic because they were producing little revenue.  However the blogs produce more advertising clicks, probably because the content is a better match with the ads.

    At any rate, my pages with ads have been viewed 8200 times, of which I have had about 60 clicks.  So it takes some 140 page views to get each click.  From the 60 clicks, my Google Account now has 17 dollars, or an average of about 29 cents per click.  My clicks so far have paid out between 1 cent at the low end, and the best one so far $2.35.  Anyhow, your mileage will vary.  I'm sure some folks make better money per page viewed, and some less.  Basically, you do need to have many visitors to your online content because only 1/2 to 1 percent of your visitors will click on an ad.

    The important thing is to be creating web content because it is fun and satisfying.  If you get a chance, visit my web comic at