What is the best way to make money using hubpages?

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    imremarkabletooposted 8 years ago

    What is the best way to make money using hubpages?

    I really need some extra cash for this summer smile

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    cluenseposted 8 years ago

    Make sure that you write & publish your hubs daily. Leave comments on other hubbers hubs. This creates a strong community and helps build you back links. Follow anything that Darkside writes. He has helped me a lot! Make sure that your hubs have good content, pictures, and are key worded correctly. The more specific keywords you use the higher your Google ratings go. Keep in contact with the hubbers forum. Lastly, Read! Learn! Read! Other people’s hubs and find out what works while you read them and what does not!

    I do hope this helps! You have a lot of reading and learning to do...so get to it!

    BTW: I have only been writing since Oct 09 and yesterday I broke the $3.00 a day Google barrier! I have realized that the more you publish the more hits you get, the more money you make!

    Check out this Hubbers Hubs: Susana S

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    Babe101posted 7 years ago


    Im having the same problem as you

    Let me know if you come up with anything!