upside down image on screen need to flip

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    MRODRIGUEZ1417posted 8 years ago

    upside down image on screen need to flip

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    andysarahposted 8 years ago

    What do you mean that ? can you ask some hign level questions ? It is so strange , But still now , i have not received any answers to my last questions , I do not  know where is my questions , it is so strange.

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    blake4dposted 8 years ago

    Okay, you give me almost no information  but this is probably simple enough. I am assuming you have a picture set as your desktop that is upside down. If so, you need to find the folder that the picture is stored in, you can't fix it from your desktop properties. When you find the picture file, right mouse click on it. Near the top of the menu choices you will see
    Rotate Clockwise
    Rotate Counterclockwise
    Choose either one, but you will need to do it twice (each rotation is a 45 degree turn, you need a full 90 degree turn to flip it over) After which then go to your desktop properties, select your background again and it will be right side up>

    If you have Adobe Photoshop, it also has a function to flip the vertical or horizontal alignment of a picture. Hope that helps Andysarah