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Can't I earn in hub page if I dont have ebay account?

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    TheGlacierposted 7 years ago

    Can't I earn in hub page if I dont have ebay account?

    I tried applying for it. But is rejected 3 times. Cant I make money here without ebay affiliate ? please help me how to earn here.

  2. Seen On TV profile image79
    Seen On TVposted 7 years ago


    You do not need an ebay account to make money on Hubpages. It is certainly nice to have, but there are other ways.

    The way I earn money is through Google adsense. There is plenty of information regarding adsense in the "my account" section of your Hubpage account. Click on "affiliate settings" and you will learn more.

    If you search for Adsense Hubs you will read countless Hubs explaining just about every aspect of Adsense. They are great resources. I suggest you try that and then research a little on Amazon.

    I only use Adsense and earn a few hundred dollars a month on Hubpages. I'm happy with that but it took me some time to consistently earn that. I'm hoping for more and hubbing a lot.

    Good luck and you should receive some really helpful answers here. It was a good idea to submit a question.

    Seen On

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    chhetp1posted 7 years ago

    without the ebay account,, that is not viable

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    starxposted 7 years ago

    You can earn from hubpages using these affiliates if you don't have ebay account:

    Affiliate Links
    Short URL's like adf.ly

    Members who are banned from adsense and are not acceptable by ebay earn from either short URL's and kontera or amazon.