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What does it take to get feedback or comments on your hub?

  1. Thorn058 profile image79
    Thorn058posted 7 years ago

    What does it take to get feedback or comments on your hub?

    Does a hub have to be controversial, helpful, entertaining or just something that catches a person's attention? Is it more of a social thing? I read yours so you will read mine kinda of thing?

  2. I*n*v*i*c*t*u*s profile image61
    I*n*v*i*c*t*u*sposted 7 years ago

    Typically, interacting with other hubbers by reading and commenting on their hubs and getting to know others in the forums. Generally, that is how we build relations and support each other.

    It can take some time, yet just get yourself out there and get to know the community. Once, you do, you and others may even decide to link your hubs to generate more views. Have fun. Hope this helped a bit. smile

    Edit: I just visited your profile and noticed that you enjoy writing sci-fi and flash fiction. You can seek other writers in this category by looking to the top left of the hub tool bar..

    Click on TOPICS (upper left)

    Click on books and writing

    Click to find writers in your genre.

    Also, you can take some time going through the topics and "following" those topics of interest. Then you will see all the newly published hubs as they come out to enjoy and introduse yourself. smile

  3. dawnM profile image68
    dawnMposted 7 years ago

    I have created reality hub, if you go to hub to hubs you will see a few of the questions.  You can leave your answer and if selected you will be featured in the hub with a direct connection to your page.  I had the same problem as you so I started the reality series and it had been great so far.

  4. Mentalist acer profile image60
    Mentalist acerposted 7 years ago

    Slow down... your hubs are relatively content heavy for the amount of time you have been on hubpages,please dont get discouraged, it takes time. Plus I dont know anything about hocky...mabey if you start at a beginners level:)

  5. Thorn058 profile image79
    Thorn058posted 7 years ago

    Thank all of you for your answers. I know that I was relatively new and that the subjects of the my Hubs were somewhat specific. I figured it was alot like some of the writing sites I have been on where it is very community based in order to gain responses. Thanks for answering and I will try to find my niche here.

  6. suny51 profile image55
    suny51posted 7 years ago

    keep your friends posted,besides sending your comments to the ones you really find interesting.

  7. talfonso profile image82
    talfonsoposted 7 years ago

    There are several factors in comment-attracting Hub: activity by the Hubber (commenting and asking/answering questions), interest of content, and how popular/in season/evergreen it is. I learned it all from experience.