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I am totally confused that why I am not earning good sum of money?

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    salman24posted 7 years ago

    I am totally confused that why I am not earning good sum of money?

    I am totally confused that why I am not earning good sum of money. I have earned just single digit by google adsense in 10 months. Please tell me some more ways to improve my work?

  2. tjhooper profile image75
    tjhooperposted 7 years ago

    you only have four hubs....and not only that, but you're writing about competitive subjects. Investment and business is WIDELY discussed all over the internet. You might want to start writing more often on subjects that aren't so competitive.

    I just started 5 weeks ago, and I too have only made single digits so far from google. It all just takes patience, quality writing, and work

  3. michifus profile image82
    michifusposted 7 years ago

    I'll back up what tjhooper has said. If you pick competitive terms to write about, you'll find it very difficult to rank well in Google, which is where the money making traffic comes from.

    I've just had a look at your hubs. You need to be a little more prolific with your writing. I joined Hubpages 3 months ago and I have found that I need to write about 6-10 hubs to get one which performs really well on Adsense, and that's with keyword research!

    For each hub you write, you need to research your keywords and go for long tail keyword phrases of 3-4 words. These are much easier to get ranked highly in Google, and will bring in traffic.

    Try breaking up your text too, put different paragraphs in separate text boxes, with your chosen keyword phrase in the title. This will also increase the number of Google Ads which appear on the page. You only have one text box, and if you had more, you would get more ads, and give your visitors more to click on.

    If you want to increase the chance of earning money, add in Amazon or Ebay widgets to your pages, this brings in good income, and makes the pages look more attractive although you do need to have a healthy number of daily visitors in order to get regular income.

    Also source some images to break up the text. If you manage to attract visitors, the last thing you want to happen is them to click straight off. Large blocks of text are often off putting. Besides, many people just skim read, which is very difficult with large blocks of text.

    You only have a few seconds to capture someone's attention, and images are the best way of doing this.

    Also try not to have headings underlined. Bold text stands out more.

    A lot of points there, I hope that these will help! Don't give up on Hubpages though, there is good money to be made here!

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    NoRR4Meposted 7 years ago

    Look at things from the reader's perspective. Would you like to land on a page that is hard to read with no pictures, and doesn't provide any clear answer to what they're searching for? You should:

    ** Provide information that a whole lot of people are searching for. 

    ** Put it in a format & in simple terms that they can understand.

    ** Add backlinks to your information so more people can find your information.

    ** Write more hubs or articles like described above. Set goals and meet them.

    http://hubpages.com/hub/1-Per-Day-Googl … Achieve-It

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    cliftonal6posted 7 years ago

    Hey salman24. Sorry it took me while to get back to you. The most important thing when trying to make money with google adsense is to get a good amount of traffic to your webpages. Legit traffic. Your hubs are pretty good no problems there. You just need traffic. You should use this company. Seriously! Great place to advertise. Will improve your adsense earnings quite a bit. Start here and let me know how things go in a couple of days. Good luck my friend. Here is the link http://the-portal-directory.com/fall1.php?r=59279