Network security - does it actually exist?

  1. cliffsull profile image58
    cliffsullposted 7 years ago

    Network security - does it actually exist?

    Given that Nasa and other US Governmental departments failed miserably to prevent access to their networks as proven by UK Network Analyst Gary Mckinnon - can network security ever be tightened up to 100% ?

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    patrickkkposted 7 years ago

    Every network can be secured 100% but you have to be exteremly obsessed to make it 100%. The main issue with security is the fact that there are exploits in technologies, software and even hardware which a hacker could use to gain access to your network or at least a part of it.

  3. discovercrm profile image54
    discovercrmposted 7 years ago

    I have heard of some software applications that can really get us to the 100% mark. by the way it controls netwok access. there are companies out there with goos solutions. One i heard of was interguard. there is a uk distributor but not sure think its