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Where do you get the images you use for your hubs?

  1. Charles K. profile image71
    Charles K.posted 7 years ago

    Where do you get the images you use for your hubs?

    Do you use stock photography sites, clip art photos, public domain sites, creative commons sites, photo sharing sites? What do you do to get good photos for your hubs?

  2. Teresa Schultz profile image79
    Teresa Schultzposted 7 years ago

    I take my own photos and use my own photos - if I don't have a suitable one and really feel the hub needs one, I use a You Tube video. Sxc.hu is a good free stock photo site I've used when needing to supply a web design client with photos, that I don't already have.

  3. janeg87 profile image58
    janeg87posted 7 years ago

    usually from bing or I upload from my computer.

  4. World-Traveler profile image57
    World-Travelerposted 7 years ago

    I too use my own photos.  I am using a Olympus X-920 digital camera for both panoramic and micro photographic images all of which appear on my Hubpages.

  5. alexhd57 profile image73
    alexhd57posted 6 years ago

    All your suggestions are good sources Charles, the thing to keep in mind is that you're ensuring any images are being used legally. For instance sourcing via search engines like Bing and Google could well mean you're using a copyright protected image. Flickr can be a good source as long as you search for creative commons licensed images and properly attribute the creator.

    I have a hub on this topic with tips on how to find images that can be legally used and also where to find high quality stock photos for free.

  6. AllieRambles profile image61
    AllieRamblesposted 6 years ago

    I use Dreamstime (free and paid) and a site called photos8.com.

    Always make sure you are not violating any copyrights or usage laws.  Be sure the image can be used for commercial use.

    And always give credit back to the artist, a link to the original location is fine.  I always do this when I get free images.

    I think you know all that already but I always remind people.  HubPages will remove them if you violate any rules.

    Have a great day!