How are you getting Traffic?

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    BaseBallHubberposted 7 years ago

    How are you getting Traffic?

    Obviously impressed with the numbers you put up for your hubs I did some research on you and found that none of your hubs are SEO worthy. None of them are appearing on the first page of Google. So how do you do it? How are you getting so much targetted traffic. No way all those Social Bookmarking sites give you that much TARGETTED traffic. Please answer smile

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    howtoguruposted 7 years ago

    You are absolutely right.  It's detailed in week 3:  Using my hubpages hubs as proof of my writing skills to write articles on high traffic websites as a "guest" post.  Then sending the traffic from those pages to either a money making article on an adsense heavy site like "she told me," or being offered AdSense ads for my posts on the high traffic sites.  My highest performing hubs here on HubPages have definitely been my "how to make $1,000" series, some of them receiving more than 2,000 views - however, with exception of one hub which I have recently deleted to place on my own website, 90% of all traffic on HubPages comes from HubPages itself - non converting, non paying traffic.  Again, I am no SEO expert, so I basically just followed some advice I learned from Internet Marketing experts to make some quick cash by authoring articles for high performing blogs and websites.

    Hope that answers your question!