What Marketing Methods Do You Use?

  1. jasoncox83 profile image74
    jasoncox83posted 7 years ago

    What Marketing Methods Do You Use?

    As many new hubbers, including myself really have yet to know a "set" marketing method that has proven to work (minus social networking which is only for burst) I am simply curious as to what methods others use for their marketing of their articles.

  2. mainstreetcm profile image59
    mainstreetcmposted 7 years ago

    I utilize article marketing, social marketing, and some good ol fashioned SEO as my main sources of driving traffic to my websites and hubs.

    Additionally I treat all of my hubs as individual websites, which means I don't link out to any other sites, just other hubs. Also I use facebook fanpages to promote affiliate products, and have done very well promoting high heels to fans of my pages.

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