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Why my hub scores are reducing?

  1. Bimendra gun profile image56
    Bimendra gunposted 7 years ago

    Why my hub scores are reducing?

  2. junglejuiced profile image60
    junglejuicedposted 7 years ago

    Hub scores fluctuate a lot throughout time. I wouldn't worry about it. Behind the scenes lots of different human and automated processes are going on which will see your score climb and fall.

    Just keep submitting quality content and it will rise in the end!

  3. zzron profile image57
    zzronposted 7 years ago

    Using good key words in your titles will also help keep them up.

  4. jasoncox83 profile image76
    jasoncox83posted 7 years ago

    It will go down gradually, however there are many things that factor into your hub score. If you are active on forums for instance that will help keep your profile score up (only as 1 of many examples.)
    Here is how HP staff have it worded in their FAQ for individual hubs:

    HubScore takes into account many factors and will change over time as data about its performance continues to stream in. It will also fluctuate quite a bit, seemingly at random, and that is nothing to worry about. The most important HubScore components that you should be concerned with include:


          Amount of traffic - including percentage from reputable sources other than HubPages

          The reputation of the Hubber - your Hubber Score and contribution to the community

          The response of readers to your hub - including comments, thumbs up, etc.

          The uniqueness of content - copying content already available on the web will be penalized

    We reserve the right to change the factors used to assess a Hub’s HubScore as we continue to determine those that measure a great Hub. The bottom line is if you write original, useful content, your HubScores will reflect the quality and work you've put into them.

    I hope this helps smile

  5. nicregi profile image77
    nicregiposted 7 years ago

    It depends on alot of factors. It could be the traffic or people voting it down. Just write something quality and it will be fine. Once a while it will drop maybe 1 or 2 points but nothing to worry if you have good traffic into the hubs smile

  6. Spider Girl profile image75
    Spider Girlposted 7 years ago

    Hub score is determined by the content, traffic and the feedback you get from a hub. But the major fluctuation is caused by the traffic I see.

  7. chan0512 profile image64
    chan0512posted 7 years ago

    mine is fluctuating as well smile. No worry there.