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Can I post my hubs on sites like ezine articles?

  1. Spiritual Growth profile image80
    Spiritual Growthposted 7 years ago

    Can I post my hubs on sites like ezine articles?

    Hello, I can see that we can tweet and facebook our hubs, so can we also put the content onto ezine and other article sites? I would imagine the answer is no, but thought I would ask. Thank you.

  2. AdeleCosgroveBray profile image95
    AdeleCosgroveBrayposted 7 years ago

    If you duplicate your content, then those Hubs will be flagged as such, falling foul of Hubpages user guidelines.

  3. wordscribe43 profile image91
    wordscribe43posted 7 years ago

    You can rewrite your hub and use ezine as a backlink.  Otherwise it will be considered duplicate content.

  4. profile image44
    davidmurphyposted 7 years ago

    Yes you can. but you can rewrite your hub and add some new information to make it sense. then you can post in on ezine.

    Since ezine articles checks if that particular article is duplicate or not... so you have to rewrite it completely.

    You can see my ezine article here: http://ezinearticles.com/?Electronic-Co … id=3944360

  5. Chupp22 profile image78
    Chupp22posted 7 years ago

    You actually can, but before you put it up as an article on eZine you need to change the content as AdeleCosgroveBray said. It is called duplicate content and you will not be accepted into eZine Articles.

    What you can do is go to an article spinner site and paste your text there. The site will spin or change your content thus making it unique content.

    At that point you will want to read through it, edit it to make sure it makes sense. Then you can submit it to eZine Articles as brand new content and won't get flagged.

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