About kontera in my site

  1. florencemanoharan profile image70
    florencemanoharanposted 7 years ago

    About kontera in my site

    I joined hubpages 2 years ago...but started writing again now. I just
    added kontera to my site today and went through all the information
    about kontera. I would like to know if you can see my
    hibpage(username:florencemanoharan) and let me know if they are
    installed and if not...how to go about it?
    Thank you for the help in advance and looking forward to your reply.
    Also can you pls let me know if the cotent in the hubpages is enough
    for now or if my account will get banned.
    Also can you let me know when I will be able to see the ad's on he
    content I wrote as I am unable to see any ads

  2. cohenj88 profile image61
    cohenj88posted 7 years ago

    Hi David,

    As I e-mail you, I doubled checked into your account and you've been approved as a publisher, and have active ads on your site.

    It's possible that you couldn't see them, because you can't see Kontera ads when logged into Hubpages.

    - Jonathan

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