India Internet Connectivity

  1. Upkar Takhar profile image59
    Upkar Takharposted 8 years ago

    I have been travelling to India on a regular basis for a few years.

    I need to work here and internet connectivity is essential.

    There are a few companies now offering connection.

    Connection here is via USB stick simply wack it into the USB port and install a file which is all menu driven and an internet icon is installed onto your desktop.

    When you want to use the internet double click the icon and you are connected.

    Companies offering Broadband are.
    AirTel I use this
    Reliance BroadBand Plus I will use this next time
    BNSL - Has best coverage over India as was previously owned by India Telecom like BT back home.  Has average speed not broadband yet but not slow also, you can work but chunky with video streaming.  I am in Chandigarh which is a main city if I want to go to villages then this is the best bet.
    There are other providers Idea etc I don't know much about these.