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    Silver Roseposted 8 years ago

    Just a heads up. There is a 30 Day Challenge operated every August, by Australian Internet Marketer Ed Dale (It's nothing to do with Hubpages, and I understand this challenge has been going for five years).

    It's a set of videos and instructions to help people find their niches.

    However, they also provide free products, and this year they are providing the free use of Market Samurai (which normally retails for $149), for 40 days, as long as you sign up at some point during the challenge, which ends on 30th August.

    Anyway, I decided to try it and was blown away.

    First of all, the 40 days starts from when you register with Market Samurai (they have a clock counting down on the beta version you get), as long as you register before 30th August. All they require for registration is your name and email address. You don't have to give them any financial details.

    The product enables you to assess the competition for your keywords - you can call up a Matrix which shows the pagerank, backlinks, optimisation etc of the top ten sites in your niche, to see if it's worth taking them on. They also have a Rank Checker, where you put in your URL and they tell you exactly where in the search results you are for Google (and other search engines). They also have various other bits to it that I haven't used.

    It would take absolutely hours to assess the competition by hand, but the software does it in minutes.

    Obviously they are hoping people like it so much that they buy it once their 40 days are up. But it's worth downloading it just for the free 40 days - utilize it to the full in those 40 days, you might as well go to town and find enough keywords to set yourself up for the rest of the year, store them in a spreadsheet and then work on them later.

    Here's where to get it:

    <no links>

    The above is a set of training videos and materials. Watch them in order. The Market Samurai stuff is on Day 2. I would watch the video, pause it when they give you the Market samurai download address, get the package, and then work through the video with the Samurai stuff open in another window.

    Some of the techniques in the course are very interesting too. They have a formula for how to pick the best keywords. You obviously don't have to follow it all - eg they recommend setting up a hosted blog, but I am sticking to Hubpages/Squidoo till I find a niche that is truly lucrative.

    Anyway, just thought I'd let everyone know, as the software is too good to pass up IMO, and there are only a few more days left where you can get it for free.

    We lose nothing by trying these things out, and potentially could gain a lot.