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Allergy Blog

  1. NeilGRPAC profile image51
    NeilGRPACposted 8 years ago

    Hello all.
    Just introducing my new blog- Allergy Almanac. Information regarding allergies, asthma, treatments, referrals, signs of allergy, definitions, and a resource for questions and answers.


  2. Cls1321 profile image59
    Cls1321posted 8 years ago

    uhhh what ?

    1. You aren't to supposed to advertise websites here

    2. You said you were introducing a new blog but didn't provide a link anyways

    3. MAYBE I am just completely confused with what you were trying to say.

    1. NeilGRPAC profile image51
      NeilGRPACposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I'm new to this. Just an informatory blog.

      Sorry about that!

  3. Marisa Wright profile image97
    Marisa Wrightposted 8 years ago

    Hi Neil

    The confusion is because you said blog, not Hub.

    HubPages is not a blogging site and your Hub is not a blog.

    Hubs are stand-alone magazine-style articles.  You may go back and improve it later, but you don't add to it over time.  If you have additional material, you start a new Hub. 

    On a blog, you continually add additional material. Blog posts are typically much shorter than the average Hub.

    If you want feedback on your first Hub, post in the Extreme Hub Makeover section.  It's not considered good Hub manners to start a new thread for the sole purpose of promoting a Hub anywhere else on the forums.

  4. NeilGRPAC profile image51
    NeilGRPACposted 8 years ago

    I see

    Thank you for your help! Again, I apologize. Didn't mean to misrepresent or promote inappropriately.

    Thanks again!


    1. profile image0
      ryankettposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      No need to apologise Neil and welcome to hubpages. Generally you will find that the more you write the more hubbers will notice, and pay attention to, your work.

      There is nothing wrong with asking for critique in the makeover section once you have a few hubs up and running, people are pretty helpful and friendly here.

      In the meantime, the best way to get noticed is to just keep writing, keep reading, leave the odd nice comment on peoples hubs, and you will see the comments and fans flooding back over time.

      I have started you off....

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