do you know the boy quac is running all over the 'Net slandering you?

  1. qeyler profile image56
    qeylerposted 7 years ago

    do you know the boy quac is running all over the 'Net slandering you?

    The boy was on that blog 'no work for mom', he was over by Triond adding crap to an article published by Chan Lee Peng.

  2. Valory Elizabeth profile image60
    Valory Elizabethposted 7 years ago

    Hi, thanks for the heads up.

    Honestly, it doesn't bother me that the little boy is out there telling lies on me. I'm sure he has been telling lies all his life to try to get himself out of trouble. He can keep lying if he wants, it just helps him to dig a deeper hole for him to fall into.

    I know who I am and have known who I am for a very long time.

    He can tell all the lies he wants too over and over again and that lie will never turn into a truth.

    So, let him flap that forked tongue all he likes, eventually he will trip his own self up and fall on his face.

    Telling a lie on me is nothing to upset me. Telling a lie shows who the liar is, the type of person they are. Seems the shoe must fit the boy very well. Most likely he used a lie for teething.

    I'm not worried about lies or a liar after revenge, he's like dog dung on the bottom step, just pull out the hose with good clean water and wash it away.

    Besides, whether anyone likes it or not, the truth will always win in the end.

    Besides, the other writers who were originally there on that site, they know because they saw the evidence he deleted or hid while throwing one of his little childish fits and stealing from so many.

    Eventually, He Will Wear His Lies and Pay For Them as well.

    I suppose, he can stop any time he likes, unless of course the lying and swindling is naturally part of his being.

    However, if not then I am tempted all the more to write

    The Ultimate Guide of How To Get Rid of Factoidz.

    Just let all the cats out of the bag at one time and then dare him to continue telling lies.

    I'm not worried about him at all, I have a life and it does not involve lying and stealing from others to make it worthwhile.