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I feel like writing after six months after I get google adsense account.

  1. ramesh kavdia profile image60
    ramesh kavdiaposted 7 years ago

    I feel like writing after six months after I get google adsense account.

    Can hubpages help me to open my google adsense account.

  2. sameerk profile image61
    sameerkposted 7 years ago

    i am also struggling to get that ...............................................if you know please let me know

  3. rahuld123 profile image38
    rahuld123posted 7 years ago

    Yaa you can make adsense account from hubpages but i think you must start making hubs right now and you have to signup for kontera and gets approved easily and starts to earn revenue from kontera till your adsense not approved.

    And For asense you should try indyarocks and flixya i havemade adsense from indyarocks before one year very easily but right now they wants you must to write pure genuine articles not related to adult and incorrect characters. please read their policy and start to make adsense account from indya rocks in other gmail account forgot your tried gmail or yahoo or other account.

    if you have any question regarding this you can take my help at any time. please follow me to improve my hubkarma.

    Have a good Start...

  4. tnvrstar profile image74
    tnvrstarposted 7 years ago

    brother i am already writing on this topic, You can earn money without google adsense in the time of 6 months. If you don't write they won't accept you even you have a 6 year old account. Writing good content is the secret please read my article for more detail you will have the all details to earn money without and with google adsense by writing article  you will get the money directly to your paypal account..

    I yet haven't finish writing the article but because of you i already published it read it
    http://hubpages.com/hub/How-to-earn-mon … ut-adsense
    (i will continue editing it)

  5. ramesh kavdia profile image60
    ramesh kavdiaposted 7 years ago

    First thing is
    when I applied for adsense
    in the application form they ask me to put the name of web site:
    I wrote : hubpages.com
    they rejected
    then I wrote : hubpages.com/profile/ramesh+kavdia
    they ask me to write the name of top level domain.
    Now If I register my own domain and give my website address address in application form how will I add hubpages link since the adsense application ask for only one url of top level domain.
    Also I don't understand the click concept, why I am told by hub pages about terms of violation with adsense. In my email google adsense didn't told me this thing when he rejected the application.
    He suggested me to apply through you tube.
    Also I have applied through triond, bukisa and webanswers to adsense but I have not done any click violation since I am not a man into it.
    I seek help from hubpages staff and clarification too.

  6. christoss1959 profile image73
    christoss1959posted 7 years ago

    Why don't you try Kontrera? They are also supported by hubpages.