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Content from MY OWN website that I have written MYSELF still classed as duplicat

  1. ProFXBlog profile image54
    ProFXBlogposted 7 years ago

    Content from MY OWN website that I have written MYSELF still classed as duplicate content?

    Ok This is really starting to frustrate me now, My hubs are articles taken from my website, It is MY content that i have written, i clearly state my website at the bottom of my hubs which shows where the content was taken from
    Yet they are constantly being flagged as duplicate content and although i have explained this to hubpage staff they seem to be able to do nothing about it
    anyone else experience a similar problem? lee

  2. simeonvisser profile image85
    simeonvisserposted 7 years ago

    They are not doing anything about it because they don't want that. Even if you have written the content yourself, it will continue to be flagged as duplicate because it is not unique for hubpages.com.

    HubPages wants unique and high quality content that is not available elsewhere on the web and that is why even content from your own website is considered duplicate content.

    You should write new and fresh content for hubpages.com to avoid the duplicate content message.

  3. wychic profile image90
    wychicposted 7 years ago

    You will get the duplicate message because that lets you know that it is posted elsewhere on the web -- however, "duplicate" and "plagiarized" are two very different things. They are not saying it's plagiarized, but instead letting you know that since it's elsewhere on the web it may incur a Hubscore penalty. There is nothing in the TOS against duplicate content and it can stay on Hubpages. Some people say you can't earn from or profit from duplicate content that you own the rights to, but that is incorrect -- most of my hubs are duplicate content because I cross-post my articles to several affiliate sites that all allow cross-posting. No one else can see the flags, and the content won't be removed for being duplicate as long as it's clear that you do own it in both locations.

  4. ProFXBlog profile image54
    ProFXBlogposted 7 years ago

    Thank you both very much for your responses, Simeon i understand your point but it just doesn't do anyone any favors that way, as long as the content is your own then you should be free to distribute where ever you see fit as this can obviously boost traffic in all directions which benefits all parties.

    wychic i still don't think duplicate content should incur any penalties as long as you can prove it is your own content, Hubpages staff should review these hubs manually and remove the penalties providing you have given sufficient evidence.


  5. MannMadeMedia profile image53
    MannMadeMediaposted 6 years ago

    Lee - I can understand your frustration, but you seem to be missing the point of stopping duplicate content, and that ensuring ALL articles are in some-way unique and useful - rather than just a stale copy.
    - Regardless of who created the content.

    Duplication penalisation is great!
    1. Stops lazy plagerism.
    2. Encourages unique content (more valuable to everyone).
    3. Ensures traffic linkage is high quality - more diluted content becomes, the less valuable: and so is the link traffic.

    Consider:-  if someone copies-and-pastes your article as theirs you would be rightly unhappy? You want this stopped, right? Well, unless you pay fairly high subscriptions, who is going to pay staff enough to read/check EVERY article?
    - Answer: no-one. Checks for duplication are automated. In fact, best this way as no human error or favouritism!

    OK, but what if you want to copy and paste the same article repeatedly? Well, you wrote it, right!?
    - WTF? No-one wants that. It's clutter. Point/Link back to your article in a useful way, or re-create the article so it's of new interest. That's the best way to boost traffic.
    - Littering the internet with the same content, regardless of the creator, does not boost traffic: it clogs traffic.