How to start hub? what to publish ?

  1. knknoe profile image52
    knknoeposted 7 years ago

    How  to start  hub? what  to publish ?

    how  to start  hub  ?
    what  to post  ?
    i have  no idea  about  hub  how  to start  it   wat  to  publish  ?
    do  you have  any  idea   give me suggestions
    please help me, if  it is small also  useful for me 
    thank  you

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    Mauri2posted 7 years ago

    Hi there - I’ve just set up my first Hub with no experience, no idea or anything else that goes with it. Yet I was able to create my first by clicking on the icons to the right. Added some text, photos, map and stuff. Tried to publish it - No, it needed to be revised - did that. Tried to publish it again - Yep all go first Hub. I think I can go back and add more text but if not. Then I will set up another Hub. I thought of a subject as a leader for my Hub for example, Kiwiland so I will be writing something about my homeland. Adverts will also jump in to help - If you feel stuck, ask the question and someone will come back to you with an answer. Good luck.

  3. wychic profile image89
    wychicposted 7 years ago

    I have just published a video tutorial on how to create a basic hub that may be helpful for you: … ges-Part-1

    In the links section on that hub I have also linked an article on how to conduct keyword research, which may help point you in the right direction for subjects that may work well. Also, as you see on the tutorial, that is just the first in a planned series, I will be going a lot more in-depth on all the different things you can do with Hubpages to get the most out of it. If there's something specific you'd really like to know about, please post in the comments section on the linked hub and I will gladly post a hub on the subject. Hope this helps smile.