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Can you hire someone to do SEO on your hubs to tweek them and drive more traffic

  1. mikicagle profile image90
    mikicagleposted 6 years ago

    Can you hire someone to do SEO on your hubs to tweek them and drive more traffic to your writing?

    I've been on hubpages for over a year and would like to see more traffic but I don't know much about keywords, SEO, and driving traffic to my hubs. Can you hire someone to do it for you? And if you can how much does it cost?

  2. tritrain profile image85
    tritrainposted 6 years ago

    Yes you can..

    However, I would suggest that you instead build your own site and hire the SEO to optimize that site, not HubPages.

    Your site allows you much more control over the content and performance, as HubPages could change requirements at any time, thus countering anything that the SEO recommends.

    It's easy to set up your own.  If you need help, then hire someone to do so.   

    Can you hire someone?  Yes.
    Should you hire someone for your Hubs? NO.

  3. zippot profile image60
    zippotposted 6 years ago

    they do a complete academy for you to learn
    and it has a $1 start fee

  4. CJamesIII profile image70
    CJamesIIIposted 6 years ago

    Yes, you can.  But finding someone who knows the ins and outs may be difficult.  Also, SEO is not really a science, it is subjective and changes every second, depending upon what internet users wish to view.  It is probably easier to study what people search for and click on in general and write around those subjects.  There are also many free advertising or posting sites on the web.  Go to alexa.com and do some research of your own, it is absolutely fascinating data!

  5. wholesaletoys profile image61
    wholesaletoysposted 6 years ago

    Yes you can hire someone to do this.  But be careful because sometimes they can do more harm than good.  SEO services can be expensive or cheap.  It depends on what you want to achieve and how much you want to spend.  The most difficult part of this equation is finding someone with a good reputation.

    Simply building links for your Hub is not a good idea.  Not the way this is normally done.  Find some nice PR sites that are dofollow and point them to your hubupages.  Try blogmyway.com for starters.  Point blogmyway to your Hubpages (only a few).  Use a bookmarking service online and build up your bookmarks.  Your Hubapges should do very well this way.  If want send lots of links to blogmyway.  Blogmyway will get stronger and send lots of Google juice to your Hubpage.   Also when you  use a property like blogmyway you protect your Hubpages.  That property acts like a buffer while sending Google juice to your Hubpages.

    I do SEO for people.  It is always necessary to look at the whole picture before giving a quote.  A word of caution.  Do not just take the lowest quote without doing some research on that person first.

    There is lots of good advice here.

    Any fool can give you 1,000 links but do you want to take the chance of running into issues with Google?  Use a buffer!

  6. naturalpainrelief profile image61
    naturalpainreliefposted 6 years ago

    As far as optimizing your actual hub goes, aside from making sure you are using keywords that aren't too competitive there isn't much you can do as you can only customize the hub so much. But hubpages are already set up in a way that they are pretty SEO friendly.

    As far as driving traffic goes, social bookmarking can be a good way to get some more traffic and backlinks to your site. Or you could also try adding a link to your hub in forums or blogs that you might visit on a regular basis that are similar to the topic of your hub.

  7. sairakhan profile image37
    sairakhanposted 6 years ago

    Yes you can hire someone but i will not suggest you to do so.I think SEO is all about link building.So make tons of backlinks of your hub.It will automatically start getting more and more traffic.

  8. IGiveInformation profile image65
    IGiveInformationposted 6 years ago

    Ofcourse you can as long as they are willing to do it. Just pay good big_smile

  9. Pamela Sarzana profile image59
    Pamela Sarzanaposted 6 years ago

    You can do it your self! use Google Adwords keywords and phrases tool Its easy to figure out..Youtube has allot of videos showing you how to use it. And Here on Hub Pages there is allot of Hubs about it.  Good luck to you smile

  10. Jacob_Jube profile image59
    Jacob_Jubeposted 6 years ago

    Have you consider about your own domai and your own website.

    That will be more long term investment.

    About the SEO on hubpages, I think hubpages take care of those things themselves.

    But however you can use your own social networking accounts such Facebook, Twitter and all.

  11. YellowTaxis profile image60
    YellowTaxisposted 5 years ago

    Content is king, I would suggest using article syndication, ezine is normally a good source. Try guest blogging, find high pr and high da sites that are related to your articles.