Help me please

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    Daffodil135posted 6 years ago

    Help me please

    From which sites and how many images or videos we can use in our hubs? Can I copy and paste some informations from other sites ? I will note it as source in my hub page?

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    Phoebe Pikeposted 6 years ago

    Any site as long as it is not pornographic/violent. You just have to give them credit and put in quotations as long as you add your own words to it. Hubpages doesn't really like people copy and pasting text, but if it is helpful to your hubs and there is more than just that written on it, you should be fine.

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    SuccessfromHomeposted 6 years ago

    There are multiple sites you can use to get images and videos to use for your for your hub. There are also several sites you may use to upload free photos on to your hub. If you are using a direct quote you'll want to link it to your hub so that it can noted as a source. There are many hubs out here that will guide you step-by-step. You can find them by using the search box located in your upper right hand corner or by clicking help to the right directly above the search box. Good Luck!!!